Mary Waterfall, Contemporary pastel artist based in North Yorkshire.

My passion is painting love stories to nature, waves, reflections in water, sky, moons, stars, and rugged wild moors. Always seeking to capture and share the meditative, evocative, immersive feel of place, spirit, and emotion. I paint with pastel, an incredibly versatile dry pure pigment in terms of the mood I want to create. I can use them to paint straight onto textured paper for pure lines and flow, or under paint first, either with ink or by dissolving the pastel with alcohol to create deep depths of glowing colour.

When not in my studio, I love to roam the moors and coast, and have gathered the tiniest set of materials and painting tools to take in my backpack. If you see someone furiously sketching trying to set down colour and movement, a hound at their side, that will be me.

I hold professional membership with the Pastel Guild of Europe, and IAPS.

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