'Atmospheric and evocative, I love this' Mandy T, Lancashire

'This painting is amazing' Julie, Mc, York

' It feels like I can reach out and touch the waves the grass and feel the wind' Rose F, Derbyshire

'I love your use of colour, light and sense of place, it gives me an emotional connection to the landscape' Dawn I, Manchester

'I can feel the sand and water between my toes' Bev P, Yorkshire

'Your work reminds me of my travels and the places I love' Amanda, Yorkshire

'Desperate for this beautiful painting for my equally beautiful Northumbrian wife' Charles  D, Exeter

' So Atmospheric' Tina B, Nomad

‘Superb, this will be the start of a collection’ , Richard P, France

‘This commission was a wedding present, a memory of the magical place where our friend became engaged. She loved it so much, she cried when she opened it’, Chloe A, Newcastle