Ingleborough - A love Story to a Mountain


Ingleborough, A Love Story to a Mountain.

Whilst available for sale this piece was created for the Dales Countryside Museum, Commons Stories Exhibition, and is not available for Collection until September 2024

Unison Colour on Uart 500 Paper

53 by 70 cm when framed with an archival mount.

Certificate of authenticity and painting care tips included. 

One of my special places, a mysterious, tricky trickster. You walk paths that are thousands of years old, with many signs of ancient occupation, but can never take it for granted. Setting out in bright sunlight, the views from the top are breathtaking, unless (very often), the clouds descend.  I love these moments, where everything is silent within the mist except your own breath.

The surrounding upland commons and dales landscape, give me a sense of peace. The preserved limestone pavement, stunning, and the nature reserve, a place to stop and ponder.  My love story is painted from the nature reserve. I love the pinnacle, but you don’t get the true perspective of how magnificent Ingleborough is until you look over to the final summit from the cliffs of the quarry, above the trees. Ingleborough is the commanding focus within wide open skies and landscape.  A reminder of my small yet meaningful  place in this vast universe.